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SpiceJet chooses Amadeus as its first global distribution partner

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The Times Of India
15th March, 2019 20:27 IST
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PUNE: Amadeus and SpiceJet recently announced a new distribution agreement that gives Amadeus’ global network of travel sellers access to the airline’s range of fares and prices through the Amadeus Travel Platform.

This is the first time that SpiceJet is working with a distribution partner . By connecting to travelers through the world’s largest community of travel sellers and buyers, the airline will be able to showcase its products on a global scale, access new markets and partners, and grow its customer base.

Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director, SpiceJet, said, “SpiceJet is in the midst of its most exciting growth phase and I am sure that this new distribution network will enable a large number of customers to connect with our huge domestic and growing international network.”

SpiceJet will be able to define and deliver enhanced offers, including rich content, to both travel agents and travelers. The airline will also be able to differentiate its travel offers beyond just price, while ensuring that agencies and travelers have all the information at hand in order to make the right purchasing decisions.

Cyril Tetaz, executive vice president, Airlines, Amadeus, Asia Pacific said, “With our partnership including distribution and IT solutions, we are very proud to support SpiceJet in its growth in India and beyond. SpiceJet will be able to differentiate its offers and empower travelers with the transparency and customization they need through our global travel network. We are proud to be able to offer the technology capabilities to help SpiceJet widen its distribution reach.

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