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Teacher kills self unable to cope with work pressure

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The Times Of India
23rd October, 2019 04:56 IST

Hyderabad: Unable to deal with pressure at work, a postgraduate teacher (PGT) of Telangana State Residential Welfare School committed suicide on Monday night. Alleging that teachers are made to do additional work which is leaving them no time for teaching, 32-year-old P Vidya Sagar hang himself at his home in Nalgonda.

“I lost my happiness after joining in this job,” Sagar’s suicide letter read. The letter revealed that he was initially elated about securing a good job, but started regretting it after joining.

Sagar had recently joined a residential school in Tipparthi, Nalgonda as the Social Studies teacher. As the school was shut for Dasara vacation, he was at his hometown, Alugunur, with his mother. He was supposed to join back to duty on Monday, but committed suicide on the same day.

Teachers say that it’s not just Sagar, but many others working in residential schools who are unable to cope up with the pressure.

“It is more or less like a corporate college. Apart from teaching, teachers have additional duties like inspecting classrooms, giving ration to cooks, taking students to hospitals or competitions, night duty, among others. Not all can cope up with the pressure,” said P Sanjeev Rao, president, United Teachers Federation, Hyderabad.

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