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Temperatures subside after four-day heat wave in Andhra Pradesh

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The Times Of India
28th May, 2020 04:28 IST

Vijayawada: After a four-day heat wave across various parts of the state, temperatures saw a marginal drop on Wednesday.

According to Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society (APSDPS), the highest temperature recorded in the state happens to be at Peddadornala village in Prakasam district with 44.8 degrees celsius.

Meanwhile, Vijayawada saw its maximum temperature drop from 47 degree celsius on Saturday to 42 degrees on Wednesday. By evening the temperature dropped to 33 degrees celsius in the city and rated as moderate. However, the slight difference did not provide much respite as the entire city continues to witness dry heat. The maximum temperatures in Guntur and Amaravati area stood at 40 and 42 degrees celsius respectively.

The Rayalaseema region too saw maximum temperatures between 41 to 42 degrees celsius. Bukkarayasamudram village in Anantapur saw the highest temperature in the region at 42.46 degrees celsius. The spacial distribution of humidity across the state remained high with around 27 APSDPS weather stations recording 100%.

Compared to the four-day heat wave, the weatherman pointed that it is a significant improvement as the moisture has slowly returned to the winds. During May 22 to 25 heat wave period, daytime temperatures fluctuated between 43 and 48 degree Celsius and where people were appealed to stay indoors.

IMD officials explained that the sudden spurt in temperature is attributed to Cyclone Amphan as it siphoned away the moisture in the air, thus reducing humidity and increasing temperature. Officials said that the current temperatures would remain consistent for another two-weeks before pre-monsoon season kicks-in.

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