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The city of dreams floating in the sea will be ready by 2025

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25th November, 2021 20:52 IST

In the matter of engineering, the world (World Class Engineering) is progressing ahead. Now in this connection, within the next 3 years, such a city will also be ready, where people will be able to settle down in the floating city. This project is being prepared on the Busan Coast of South Korea. This unique project has also got the green signal from the United Nations. It is being built by Oceanix Company and it is being claimed that the Flood Proof Floating City will not have any effect on the city.

According to the report of Daily Mail, the world's first floating city on the sea will be ready by the year 2025 in South Korea. Even the rise in sea level will not have any effect on the lives of the people living here.


The floating city project, supported by the United Nations, will be made floodproof. There will be some artificial islands here, where there will be no risk due to rising water levels. Apart from this, these cities will also be able to withstand Category 5 storms.


Solar power will generate electricity in this city. For this, solar panners will be installed on the buildings. Here the necessary production for the food itself will be made and freshwater will be made available. People will use boatloads to travel between the two islands.


$ 200 million i.e. crores of rupees is being invested in the project to build this city. For this, designers Oceanix from Busan Metropolitan City, UN-Habitat, and New York have come together. It is not yet clear whether people will be brought here and settled or they will themselves pay rent for it.


It has been told by Oceanix that work is going on on this. The North Port of Busan is being selected for this. The executive director of UN-Habitat says that instead of fighting a battle with water, now one has to learn to live in peace with it.

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