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The cultural capital of Pakistan is the most polluted city in the world

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25th November, 2021 21:50 IST

International Desk: A thick cloud of haze enveloped Pakistan's cultural capital Lahore, making it the world's most polluted city on Wednesday. A Swiss air quality monitoring company has given this information. The AQI 2 air forum said that Lahore topped its list of polluted cities and Lahore's air quality index (AQI 203) according to the US scale was second, while Delhi was ranked at 183.

According to the company, Dhaka (Bangladesh) stood third with 169 index and Kolkata at number four with 168 index. A day earlier, Lahore was in third place. Lahore was once called the City of Gardens and had a large number of gardens during the Mughal period between the 16th and 19th centuries. Due to rapid urbanization and increasing population, there is very little greenery left in the city. Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan after Karachi. Doctors are advising people to wear masks to avoid respiratory diseases.

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