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Tired of being sexually abused by 'homosexual' boss, youth murders him, cuts his body in three pieces

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22nd October, 2019 22:19 IST

Raipur: A youth allegedly strangled his boss and cut his body into three pieces in Chhattisgarh's Raigarh district. The deceased had allegedly been sexually abusing the youth. The police were able to nab the accused after two days of investigation. The deceased Sandip Singh was a contractor. 

The accused has been identified as Shankar Kumar Paswan. Paswan alleged that Sandip Singh was a homosexual and had been forcing him to have physical relations with him. 

The beheaded body of the deceased was found near the Mansarovar Dam. Paswan said that he used to work as a labourer for Singh. For the last two years, Singh had been calling Paswan to his house and sexually abusing him. Paswan took the decision of killing Sandip as he had grown tired of the harassment and sexual abuse. 

How it happened 

On October 18, Sandip Singh called Paswan to his residence. According to a report, Paswan went to Sandip Singh's house with a weapon with the intention to kill. He decided that he would murder Sandip if he forced him to have sex. After consuming alcohol. Sandip Singh tried to get intimate with Paswan. 


Paswan pushed Sandip away on the floor and pounced on him. Paswan strangled the inebriated corporator to death. Following this, Paswan used a saw to cut Sandip's body into pieces. He took the pieces and stuffed them in the bag. 

He loaded the bag onto a bicycle and disposed of the pieces in three different locations within the Mansarovar area. The police arrested the accused and he confessed to killing Sandip Singh. 

To save herself from molestation by employer, domestic help jumps our of window in Gurugram 

In another case from Gurugram, a woman resorted to committing suicide after being repeatedly molested by her employer. She was admitted to the Gurugram Civil Hospital where her statement was taken by a team of the Sector 54 police. 

The accused was identified as Ajay Ashwani. Ashwani allegedly used to molest the woman whenever she went to his flat. The abuse continued even when the woman raised an objection. The accused had also said that he wanted to take "sexual advantage" of the woman. 

One the day of the incident, the accused tried to molest the woman. In an attempt to save herself, she jumped from the kitchen window and fell on the ground. The woman was taken to the hospital and necessary treatment was administered to her. The police registered an FIR against the accused under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

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