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Trees along Kapurthala-Sultanpur Lodhi pruned badly

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The Times Of India
18th October, 2019 11:45 IST

SULTANPUR LODHI: The Punjab government has been running a campaign to plant trees in connection with 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev , but on the other hand hundreds of trees along Kapurthala- Sultanpur Lodhi road have been pruned badly. It is learnt that police authorities have got these trees pruned . Some of the trees have been left without any leafy cover.

Kapurthala-Sultanpur Lodhi road is the main route connecting the historic town, which is set to host lakhs of devotees in the coming days. The stretch has a green cover on both sides but as heavy vehicles routinely ply on it, a massive pruning exercise was undertaken along the road recently.

When contacted, divisional forest officer Rajesh Gulati said the trees had been pruned to avoid accidents due to low hanging branches as there would be heavy traffic on the route as the annivesary celebrations kick off.

Officials have also started pruning the lush green trees along the historic Kali Bein. Most of these traditional trees here were planted by environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal and he has been resisting the massive pruning exercise. “We are ready to remove those branches which become an obstruction for vehicles, or for the palanquin or for any type of passage of traffic but massive pruning is wrong,” he said.

When contacted, Kapurthala deputy commissioner D P S Kharbanda said they intended to prune the trees for the sake of public safety as visibility issues were crucial when there would be massive crowds.

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