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Umar Riaz is dating Bigg Boss 12's Saba Khan! Video of both went viral on social media

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08th November, 2021 15:27 IST

Asim Riaz's brother Umar Riaz is making a lot of headlines these days with his game and strategy in Bigg Boss 15. Umar Riaz has become the captain of the Bigg Boss 15 house this week. Amidst all this, there has been a big disclosure about his personal life outside the show. There is news about Umar Riaz that he is dating the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Saba Khan. Saba Khan was a part of season 12 of Bigg Boss.

He entered the show along with his sister Somi Ali. While Umar Riaz may be a part of Bigg Boss 15 these days, he is a doctor by profession. According to the news of the English website Times of India, Saba Khan and Umar Riaz are dating each other. Sources close to these two have told the website that Umar and Saba have known each other since Asim was a contestant in Bigg Boss 13.

After this, Saba Khan and Umar Riaz worked together in the song 'Gunah Karde', where both of them got to know each other better. Since then both are dating each other. Umar's family also knows Saba and has good relations with her family. On the other hand, ever since Umar Riaz has entered the house of Bigg Boss 15, Saba Khan is also supporting him through social media.

Saba Khan has shared a video on her official Instagram account. He made this video for Umar Riaz. In the video, Saba Khan is seen becoming Omar's patient. At the end of the video, Umar and Saba are seen posing together. While sharing this video, Saba Khan supported Omar and also wrote a loving post.

He wrote in the post of the video, 'This video is for Umar Riaz. Lots of strength and love to you, stay strong and keep playing as you are playing the game and win the trophy. You are already our winner.' This post of Saba Khan, written for Umar Riaz on social media, is becoming increasingly viral. His fans are very fond of the video. Also giving your feedback by commenting.

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