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Unpleasant Memory Of Bigg Boss 12 Hits Deepak Thakur In Ace Of Space 2- EXCLUSIVE

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29th August, 2019 13:24 IST

Some hours back, we had reported that Ace Of Space 2 contestant Deepak Thakur met with an accident while performing a task. The singer injured his shoulder and after being examined by the set doctor, was rushed to a nearby hospital. So in case you are worried as to whether he will be associated with the show or not, we bring you the answer.

Deepak was taken to the hospital as he has injured his shoulder exactly at the spot where injured himself during his stint in the Bigg Boss 12 house. The singer was seen with a shoulder hang for a longest time on the show and now yet again, you will see him in a similar manner on Ace of Space 2.

He was in the hospital for nearly four hours and was back on the set after that. For some time, he has also been advised to not perform any physical tasks. Well, in that case, the singer has to work really hard to play mind games and be on the show. had brought you the participating list of contestants on the show which includes Orhan Awatrami, Krissann Barretto, Roshan Abdul Rahoof, Prakruti Mishra, Lucinda Nicholas, Baseer Ali, Rashmi Jha and two wild card entrants Ritu Phogat and Mr Faisu.

Next, we even ran a story refuting reports that Krissan is quitting the show after suffering an asthma attack. Even before Ace of Space 2 begins, the show is creating immense buzz.

Image Source:- Peepingmoon/instagram/ideepakthakur

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