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Uttar Pradesh: 5000 saplings of fruit trees distributed among farmers in Vrindavan

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08th September, 2019 23:59 IST

Mathura: Around 5000 saplings of fruit-bearing trees were distributed among farmers in Vrindavan on Sunday to increase their income and expand the area's green belt. As part of the programme organised by the management of Chandrodaya temple in Vrindavan, 1000 farmers of 15 neighbouring villages of Vrindavan received the saplings which included guava, lemon and pomegranate among others.

"Not only 5000 saplings were distributed amongst farmers but their economic viability was also ensured," Bharat Arshabha Das, Vice President of the temple said.

He said the farmers will protect the saplings and ensure their growth which will ultimately benefit them economically and also increase the green cover of the area. According to Das, the temple administration is also developing 12 forests in Vrindavan. 

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