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We owe it to God & dog for this film: Sathish

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The Times Of India
14th January, 2022 00:00 IST

In 2019, while wishing Sathish at his wedding reception, Kishore Rajkumar had told him that he’d meet the actor with a bigger gift the following week. And that gift happened to be the script of Naai Sekar !

“I usually hear the narration of any assistant director who approaches me with the intention of casting me as the lead, but since I wasn’t confident about playing one then, I’d refer them to actors I knew. But with this script, I felt I should do it because a dog was also going to be a lead character,” says Sathish.

The actor managed to get Kishore an opportunity to narrate this script to producer Kalpathi Agoram, through executive producer Venkat Manickam. The producer was so impressed that he called Sathish and wished him. “AGS Productions’ previous film was Vijay sir’s Bigil. They were also the producers of Madrassapattinam, the film that gave me my big break. And to have them back in my debut film as a hero was a blessing.”

Sathish then approached his good friend Anirudh to compose a single for the film. "It is a testament to our friendship that Ani bro agreed immediately and even suggested that we rope in Sivakarthikeyan to write the lyrics,” he says. Interestingly, Sathish, too, had the same idea. In fact, Sivakarthikeyan was the first person he had called after listening to Kishore’s script, the actor reveals. “He encouraged me and also wrote the song for us,” he adds. Then, he also got GV Prakash Kumar to sing a number, and lyricist Vivek to write a song. “The film is a testament to friendship. If it has reached this scale, it is because of these friends of mine,” says Sathish.

To play a character who starts behaving like a dog, Sathish, who wasn’t a dog lover, started observing dogs. “During the first lockdown, I’d spend most of the time in a neighbour’s apartment observing their dog Cyrus, whom they had flown in from the US. From the way they bob their heads to how they stick their tongue out, and howl, I observed it all,” informs the actor, who says it was crawling like a dog he found the most challenging. And a week before the shoot, he started spending time with Bruno, the Labrador who plays the dog in the film. “Other than eating dog food, I think I did everything to play this character,” jokes the actor.

Now, the actor has also become affectionate towards dogs. “Earlier, I would offer biscuits and move away, but now, I even play them. There are two people who have helped with this film — one is God, and the other is dog,” he quips.

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