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Webinar on stock market scenario

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The Times Of India
25th May, 2020 20:07 IST

A three-day webinar to highlight stock market happenings was conduced by GGDSD College (Kheri Gurna campus) recently. With the coronavirus pandemic taking a toll on stock exchange, the market is witnessing a downward trend. High level of churning is on and the investors are changing their strategies every minute.
Keeping the confusion and concern of investors in mind, the webinar touched several aspects of market. While Dr Jasmeet Singh Pasricha, professor at the department of commerce, Punjabi University Patiala detailed people about the stock market, its working and changes, Manjeet Singh Dhillon, practicing company secretary talked about the concept of derivatives, its types, derivative market and its application in the stock market. CS Rajender Kumar Arora, officiating principal of Govt. College for Girls, Cheeka, explained the concept of options and its applications in detail. Dr Sunil K. Baria , college principal mentioned that stock market is a vast field and in changing times, its important to understand its dynamics.

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