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When 'extensive gym regime' landed Robert Vadra in Noida hospital

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The Times Of India
23rd October, 2019 04:43 IST

NOIDA: Robert Vadra , son-in-law of Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi and brother-in-law of party leader Rahul Gandhi, was admitted to Metro multispeciality hospital hospital in Sector 11 on Monday morning after the businessman complained of acute pain the left knee and back. He was discharged on Tuesday evening.

Vadra, who was in Greater Noida for a “personal meeting” on Monday, suffered a sudden pain in the back and leg, and arrived for a check-up at the hospital as he was nearby. Officials said he underwent an MRI, and it was found that his discs had been bulging and radiating pain to his left leg. Doctors later said Vadra’s pain in the knee was due to a “stressful or extensive exercise regime”.

Late on Monday night, Vadra’s wife and Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra arrived at the hospital and stayed there till Tuesday morning. She left around 7am for a Congress workshop at Rae Bareilly.

Vadra’s mother, too, arrived at the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and stayed with her son until he was discharged in the evening.

According to local Congress workers, Vadra had come to Greater Noida on a personal engagement. It was at the meeting that he felt an acute pain in the knee and back. Ram Kumar Tanwar, a member of the UP Congress committee, said Vadra called up doctors and was advised to go to Metro hospital in Sector 11 as it was the nearest health facility.

Dr Kanika Kanwar, medical director at Metro multispeciality hospital, said Vadra had a severe backache, which was radiating to his left knee. “His sister-in-law and other family members come here for treatment. He visited the hospital around 11.30 am and was admitted around noon,” she said. Vadra was given a cabin in the VIP ward.

Dr Punit Dilawari, senior orthopaedic consultant at the hospital, said Vadra had complained of severe backache and some problem in the left knee.

“It was acute on onset, so he had a pain in the leg. He came here as ours was the nearest hospital. We examined him and found some nerve root irritation in the left leg. He also had some problem in the knee. Relevant investigations were done, including an MRI. We found multiple disc degeneration, which has been causing irritation to the nerve root. This can be managed with medication and some bed rest,” he said.

Dilawari added Vadra had suffered some “wear and tear in the knee”, which was because of a stressful exercise regime. “He had some wear and tear in the knee, which I think is because of his stressful or extensive exercise regime. We have given him medications for that. He is better than yesterday (Monday). We will keep him under medication and discharge him today (Tuesday), depending on his condition,” he said.

Explaining degenerative disc disease — which Vadra was diagnosed with — Dilawari said that in such a condition, the disc suffers wear and tear and gets swollen. “In case the disc bulges and gets near the nerve, it irritates the nerve. It is because of this that the pain radiates in the leg. In case the disc gets swollen too much, it constantly presses the nerve, causing recurrent pain. In this case, the disc was very close to the nerve. So, the chances are he will recover completely but has to take precautions,” he said.

Vadra was administered injections earlier, but was later given oral medication, doctors said. The businessman was discharged around 4.30pm on Tuesday. Out of the hospital, Vadra was greeted by a sea of party supporters and well-wishers.

Asked for a comment, the businessman thanked people with folded hands for staying by his side. “You all stayed here… and were worried about my health. I want to thank you for coming here. All will be well, eventually. Thank you all. I want your support,” he said, accompanied by his mother.

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