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Who left Bake Off this week? Michael kicked out of the tent on Festival Week

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09th October, 2019 02:02 IST

Michael was sent packing from the Bake Off tent tonight after failing to deliver on Festival Week.

After Henry was announced as star baker, Michael's name was called as the one heading home and leaving many in tears.

Host Sandi Toksvig was immediately choked up as she said: "This gets so hard and I'm afraid the person leaving us is Michael."

His fellow bakers were left devastated and immediately surrounded him as he said: "It was my time, it was ok."

However, away from the bakers Michael was in tears and said: "My head is held high and I am so proud."


Speaking about the reason Michael was kicked out, Paul Hollywood said: "He did ok but the standard this week was so high."

Tonight, the bakers had been tasked with creating bakes inspired by festivals across the world.


Earlier, Michael sparked shock from viewers over a scene involving him probing his cake.

Michael dipped his fingers in and it looked very naughty indeed, with even the show's official Twitter sharing the clip and writing: "WARNING: Viewer Discretion Is Advised. #GBBO."

And fans couldn't believe what they had seen.

image image

One joked: "Wouldn't get this filth on the BBC."

While another commented: "Glad it wasn’t just me that thought this seemed vaguely NSFW."

A third quipped: "Kinky."

"The fingers in the dough though #GBBO," another remarked.

One wrote: "The way Michael just stuck his fingers in that dough made me feel so uncomfortable #GBBO."

Another quipped: "how far did michael want to stick his fingers into that dough?? #GBBO."

*Great British Bake Off returns next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4

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