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Woman says dogs attacked her as owner watched, files police complaint

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The Times Of India
13th March, 2019 13:09 IST
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BENGALURU: A woman from Richmond Town complained to police against a dog owner for doing nothing when the latter's pets attacked her.

The complainant, Marianne, said she was walking outside an apartment on Hayes Road when two dogs, owned by a resident named Grace, reportedly attacked her. "Grace watched the attack from a distance. Despite my repeated pleas to her to control the dogs, she did not move an inch," Marianne claimed. "Having no choice, I shooed the dogs away using my bag. Grace then lost her cool and beat me."

The incident occurred on December 7 last year. Ashoknagar police, who had taken Marianne's complaint as a non-cognisable report, registered an FIR on Monday following a court directive.

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