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Would you visit Siachen for a holiday?

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Pune Mirror
23rd October, 2019 06:00 IST

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► Madhavi Chandkar Consultant

I recently returned from an expedition to Ladakh and Kargil, and was unfortunate to have missed the chance to visit Siachen. I would surely like to visit this location and would urge people as well, to understand and experience the climatic conditions in which the Indian Army functions.

► Pitabash Kar Retired army personnel

Definitely! This is very welcome news for the tourists, especially trekkers. However, this is one of the tough spots in the world and requires top physical health and endurance. It will be a dream tour for those who are used to higher altitudes. Moreover, a person visiting the area will realise how tough a soldier’s life is.


Yes! Definitely! In fact the trip already is planned. After abrogation of articles 370 and 35A, it will be a different experience altogether. Since #selfie craze is shaping up across the generation, I am super excited to update one when I am there.

Such eco-sensitive zones should be regulated. Only limited number of tourists should be allowed. We have already spoiled the ecosystem of Ladakh, Shimla and Manali. Let’s try not to do this with Siachen at least.

The govt as on date does not have the infrastructure to tackle pollution, garbage and corruption that tourism will bring to this eco-sensitive region. Shimla and Manali are prime examples of uncontrolled tourism leading to destruction of the fragile environment. The answer is no.

Because of weather in case anyone suffers from health issues, then is there any medical help available?

Yes. It is a very beautiful place — just like heaven. But, I can’t withstand such low temperature, so can we swap this holiday offer with Goa instead.

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