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Young man and a lodge owner raped a schoolgirl twice, arrested

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07th October, 2019 14:20 IST

The criminal case that has come up recently is that of Barwani. A student of class VIII was taken from a school in Khetia in Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh and after that, she was raped. In this case, the man accused of rape and a lodge owner has been arrested and taken into custody. In this case, the police said that "today the main accused and the lodge owner Pansemal resident was arrested and produced before Khetia's court from where he was sent to judicial custody.

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Further, in this case, Superintendent of Police DR Tenniwar said that "The accused took the girl from her school in Khetia to a lodge in Pansemal and raped her there twice." The lodge owner had provided the said room for one hour and charged Rs 700 without any entry. In this case, Tenniwar further said that the accused had taken the student twice in that lodge earlier also. 

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In this case, he denied the involvement of the local police in promoting the incident. At the same time, let us tell you that after going to school in Khetia with her younger sister yesterday, the accused seduced her and on reaching home, the family informed the Khetia police station. At the same time, after getting the information about the complaint lodged with the police, the accused took the girl to Maharashtra and transported her to her father's house through a bus.

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