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Youth made woman hostage and raped her daily on the pretext of giving her job

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09th October, 2019 14:00 IST

The criminal case that has come up recently is from Pallu police station area. In this case, a case of continuous rape of a young woman after being kidnapped by a young man on the pretext of giving her a teacher's job has come up. This case is being reported from Pallu police station area of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan. According to reports, in this case, a young woman kidnapped her by luring her to get a teacher's job and after that, he started keeping her hostage and raped her every day.

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In this case, the police said, "In the case filed by the 20-year-old victim of Purbasar in the area, she is told that she is a teacher of B. Ed. The accused, a resident of village Ranasar Togda of Nawalgarh tehsil area of Jhunjhunu district, took him to Pallu bus base on 19 July last year, promising to get her a job as a teacher in the Education Department, where a Bolero camper vehicle and two persons were on board. Feeding him an intoxicant took him to Jaipur. After this, the accused took him to Indore where he took a house on rent and stayed with her.

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In this case, the victim has alleged that "the accused mostly kept her in a state of intoxication." In such a situation, he got some documents signed and said that he has been married. The accused started forcibly having a physical relationship with her. Later he brought her to his village. His brother, father and mother were taken, hostage. For a long time, the accused raped her. "In this case, the victim told that" she somehow escaped from the clutches and reported to the police. "

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