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After a possible terror attack threat, Forces and Police on high alert in Pathankot, Gurdaspur

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12th October, 2019 15:57 IST

New Delhi, Oct 12: After inputs about the possible terrorist attacks, the forces are searching every nook and corner of Pathankot and Gurdaspur.


to avoid any panic the police are calling this search operation in the border belt between Punjab and Himachal Pradesh as a "general alertness" measure.

At least 2500 sleuths are on the job.

Till the time of this report no untoward activity, object or person was discovered.

Here Batallion of Armed Forces consisting of 1383 soldiers are present and referrals and hospitals are kept well prepared with ample blood supply and medicines.  


The search operation was conducted after an alert was issued in the border area of both the states, officials said.

As a precautionary measure, homes and settlements in the area were also searched by the police. The people who passed through the area were also checked for their identities.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Surinderpal Singh Parmar told PTI that the search operation was conducted in Pathankot-Himachal Pradesh border areas as a "general alertness" measure.

The place where the search operation was carried out is mostly forest area, the officials said, adding that there was nothing to worry about.

The IGP said so far no drone sightings have been witnessed in the Pathankot zone along the borderline but vigil has been kept by police and the Border Security Force (BSF).

Earlier multiple drones were spotted flying from across the border to drop arms, ammunition, counterfeit currency and narcotics in the state.

News24 Bureau with Agency inputs, Pic Google

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