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Ajay Yadav alleges misuse of state machinery in Gurgaon LS polls

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The Times Of India
18th May, 2019 07:42 IST
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Gurgaon: The Congress candidate from Gurgaon, Captain Ajay Yadav , has alleged extensive misuse of government machinery in the Lok Sabha polling on May 12. Addressing the media on Friday, Yadav said while there were incidents of booth capturing in Sohna, Tauru and Firozepur Jhirka, polling percentage also spiked suspiciously, from 44% to 66%, in the last hour of polling. Despite all these incidents, he said Congress will register a comfortable victory in the seat.

He also said he has written a complaint to the election commission and met the Gurgaon deputy commissioner in connection with extensive misuse of government machinery by the ruling party and their candidates. “I’ve given evidence of it to authorities concerned, asking them to take action. Police has registered two cases of booth capturing, but taken no action against the accused,” he added.

Thanking voters, he said Gurgaon saw a contest between him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “BJP candidate Rao Inderjit was seeking votes in Modi’s name, but voters favoured Congress,” he said, adding that if Rao Inderjit had only done some work for his constituency, he would surely have sought votes for the work he had done. Unfortunately, having done nothing for the constituency, he had to seek votes in Modi’s name.

Criticising BJP, Yadav said as always, the saffron party worked on a “divide and rule” policy that is anti-people, which is why people from all sections of society have voted for Congress. He also alleged that MCG officials have made donations in favour of the BJP candidate, Rao Inderjit Singh. “Many MCG employees have approached me regarding the donations, which they were asked to make by their seniors,” he said.

Yadav also met party workers from four assembly constituencies — Sohna, Pataudi, Badshapur and Gurgaon — and reviewed the response of voters in the elections.

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