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Aligarh Muslim University's medical college inaugurates sexual assault forensics unit

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The Times Of India
21st October, 2019 04:59 IST

AGRA: A ‘Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE)’ unit was inaugurated at the Department of Forensic Medicine (DFM), Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on Saturday.

“It’s a lab in which experts will be dedicated to timely delivery of justice in cases of crimes against women,” said Dr Saadiya Saeed, chairperson, DFM, adding the unit will also train doctors and nurses in medical management, medico-legal examination, documentation of proof and collection and preservation of evidence.

Throwing light on the concerns related to cases of crime against women, Dr Saeed said it was necessary to have the SAFE unit in JNMC, as fast-track courts and periodic safety audits depend on appropriate forensic reports. “The unit will investigate sexual assaults by collecting and preserving evidence, which will reach investigating officers through casualty medical officers to the Forensic Science Laboratory, to be finally produced as evidence in court,” she added.

Attending the inaugural function as guest of honour, Aligarh commissioner Ajay Deep Singh said police investigations in sexual assault cases depend on gathering, evaluating and processing information and evidence provided by forensic experts.

“It’s only with forensic reports that police can critically evaluate whether evidence supports prosecution of a sexual assault case,” he said.

Professor S C Sharma, dean, Faculty of Medicine, said the state-of-the-art SAFE unit is on a par with national standards to contribute in addressing the gap in forensic DNA analysis of pending sexual assault cases.

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