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Bagalkot :Man kills lover for rejecting his marriage proposal

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The Times Of India
01st September, 2019 08:53 IST

BAGALKOT: A 28-year-old man allegedly killed a 22-year-old woman for rejecting his marriage proposal in Teggi tanda, Bilagi taluk, on Friday night.

The accused has been identified as Avvennappa Kalasannavar, an agriculturist in Teggi village.

Avvennappa and the victim Manjula Megu Lamani were reportedly in love for the past three years.

Manjula had rejected Avvennappa's marriage proposal. Avvennappa was furious after coming to know of Manjula's engagement with another man.

On Friday night, he called Manjula and proposed to her again. Rejected once again, Avvennappa strangled Manjula to death. Police later arrested Avvennappa. Bilagi CPI Ravichandran D B inspected the crime spot. Bilagi police are investigating the case.

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