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'Botched' delivery case in Beawar hospital

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The Times Of India
26th August, 2019 04:39 IST

Jaipur: Beawar police on Sunday began investigation in an alleged ‘botched’ delivery case that was done in a government-run district hospital. However, the authorities denied any such negligence and claimed that trained hospital nurses helped the woman during childbirth.

One 22-year-old Kiran was admitted to government Amrit Kaur Hospital on Friday night. She delivered a baby around 4pm on Saturday. The nursing staff informed the family that the baby was stillborn. Hearing about death of the new-born baby, the attendants became upset. “They thrashed the nursing staff and created ruckus in the hospital. There was no negligence involved in the case. The trained nursing staff conducted the delivery,” said Dr Vidha Saxena, in-charge, mother and child health (MCH) wing, Amrit Kaur Hospital.

She claimed that the baby had a heartbeat while in the womb, but it stopped when the baby was born. “The nursing staff tried to resuscitate the baby but all efforts were in vain,” said Saxena. When the delivery took place, there was no doctor in the labour room to handle such a case, which the MCH incharge also accepted. “The doctors are available on call. Nursing staff are trained to handle such cases,” said Saxena.


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