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Chhatisgarh: Single-teacher schools to get shikshamitras

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The Times Of India
18th October, 2019 13:45 IST

RAIPUR: In a bid to improve the quality of education in Mungeli district , shikshamitras are being appointed in single-teacher schools and schools without teachers.

District collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure said that to overcome the shortage of teachers in schools, as many as 19 shikshamitras have been appointed in Mungeli development block, 60 in Lormi and 36 in Patharia development blocks.

The appointments have been made for high school and higher secondary school. They are being paid honorarium every month from the funds of District Mineral Institute Trust.

Bhure also said that regular inspection of the schools is being undertaken by the district education officers and teachers are being motivated to provide quality education. Strict action is being initiated against teachers found absent without permission from the schools. The collector added that teachers should encourage children to build their careers as they see them as their role models.

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