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Delhi's Hidden Treasure: Instagram Page Conceals ₹500 Notes Across the City, Can You Find Them?

Are you good at deciphering clues, solving puzzles, and following a series of challenges in a quest to uncover hidden treasures? An Instagram page by the handle Treasure Hunt Delhi has crafted a hunt for the city’s residents to embark on a thrilling adventure with a treasure hunt, where excitement and anticipation await at every turn.

The page is brimming with videos showing individuals stashing money in various undisclosed locations throughout the capital city, inviting others to embark on the quest of finding it. The page's bio encapsulates its mission, stating, "Real treasure hunts all over Delhi."

A news post shared on the page has a new treasure challenge for Delhities. "North Delhi, boating kerne aa jao [Come to North Delhi for boating]," reads a caption to a post. In the video, a person is seen holding a ₹500 note. A text insert on the screen reads, "Find the location and take the money".

A video was posted as a clue where an individual was seen discreetly tucking the folded note behind a small opening in the wall, offering a brief glimpse of the surrounding area before concluding.

The Instagram user also shared an update in the comments section - "Someone has claimed the treasure, but we don't know who. So let us know if you have won this hunt".

The page features additional videos following a consistent pattern, where an individual conceals a folded ₹500 note and subsequently provides glimpses of the surrounding area for viewers to identify. These videos elicited diverse reactions from viewers, with some expressing excitement over the unique challenge, while others attempted to guess the locations depicted.

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Many took to the comments section offering suggestions. Just like this individual who wrote, "Make the hunt tougher by giving lesser hints". A user commented, "This is so interesting". A third added, "I need a treasure hunt like this in my city too".

The inaugural video on the page was shared on February 25 of this year. Since then, the Instagram user managing the account has consistently posted clips, presenting challenges for followers to locate hidden money. Presently, the handle boasts 12,000 followers and has published a total of 25 posts.