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'Manjummel Boys Reached Everywhere': Vineeth Sreenivasan

Manjummel Boys: Vineeth Sreenivasan, a prominent figure in the Malayalam film industry, has expressed his gratitude towards the Tamil audience for embracing Malayalam cinema.

'Manjummel Boys Reached Everywhere': Vineeth Sreenivasan

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He acknowledged the increasing trend of audiences from outside Kerala patronising Malayalam films in theatres, marking a significant shift in the landscape of regional cinema viewership.

Vineeth Sreenivasan attributed this newfound acceptance of Malayalam cinema in Tamil Nadu to the growing trend of audiences from smaller towns and cities venturing into theatres to experience these films firsthand.

He highlighted the contrast between viewing habits in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where Tamil films are often watched without subtitles in Kerala while Malayalam films are enjoyed with subtitles in Tamil Nadu.

This mutual appreciation has fostered a conducive environment for Malayalam films to thrive in Tamil Nadu, marking a departure from the sporadic success stories of the past, such as "Premam" and "Hridayam."

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He mentioned Premam's unique success and said "It ran for 275 days in Tamil Nadu," but after that, there was no similar success story. "The same goes for 'Hridayam,' my first directorial venture."

However, these films primarily appealed to audiences in multiplexes and cities. In contrast, 'Manjummel Boys' has achieved widespread success, reaching audiences across various regions.

The success of Malayalam cinema can also be attributed to the increasing accessibility provided by OTT (over-the-top) platforms, which have exposed audiences to a diverse range of regional content. Vineeth Sreenivasan noted this trend and acknowledged the impact it has had on expanding the audience base for Malayalam films beyond traditional boundaries.

In his recent interview with a Tamil YouTube channel, he said, "Even people have started to recognise me in Tamil Nadu recently. I was peacefully loitering around in Chennai, and now it is becoming hard.

The remarks come as films like "Manjummel Boys," "Premalu," "Bramayugam," and "The Goat Life" have transcended the borders of Kerala, garnering attention and appreciation from audiences across different states.

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One notable success story is "Manjummel Boys," which currently stands as the highest-grossing Malayalam film.

Its popularity extended beyond Kerala, with houseful shows not only in Chennai but also in various districts across Tamil Nadu. This widespread appeal contributed significantly to its impressive box office earnings, surpassing the Rs 220 crore mark.

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The film follows the journey of two aspiring filmmakers from Kerala to Madras in the 1980s and features a stellar cast, including Pranav Mohanlal, Dhyan Sreenivasan, and Nivin Pauly.

Scheduled for release on April 11th, the film is poised to further strengthen the bond between Malayalam cinema and its audience beyond Kerala's borders.

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