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Is love alone enough to make your relationship work?

Is love enough to make a relationship between two people work? Well, the yes is no. So if you are truly, madly deeply in love with someone, it does not mean that it will work out or there could be a long term partnership. Love is one of the many things one needs to make it rock-solid. 

There are two major factors that actually lead to a successful relationship. 


If there is love, but your partner is constantly in doubt, the relationship will be short lived. There has to be trust, honesty ad confidence in each other for the relationship to be long lasting. You should be able to give your partner the time and effort for them to feel loved. When you give time to the relationship, you are also sharing common values, goals, moments of your life. 



No relationship has ever worked if there has been love but no communication. How do you plan to express the good, bad and different to your better half if there is no conversation. It is truly the backbone of a healthy relationship. When you are communication, you are respecting the love the two of you share. When you are showing even your anger, it still means you are allowing the person to get to know you and your needs for that moment.


Relationships thrive when built on a combination of love, trust, communication, respect, compatibility, and commitment. Each couple may prioritize these factors differently based on their unique dynamics and circumstances. Therefore, while love is important, it is not necessarily the sole determinant of a successful relationship.