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Salt cleansing: Keeping negativity at bay in your home

Believe it or not, salt – yes, the same salt you sprinkle on your fries – is considered by spiritualists as one of the most effective home energy cleansers. While many are familiar with sage for cleansing rituals, salt has a long-standing reputation for warding off negative energy. Throughout history, salt has been utilised in various spiritual practices worldwide.


What is salt cleansing?

In Shintoism, an ancient Japanese religion, and among Buddhists, salt has been used for centuries to repel negative forces. Even in contemporary ghost stories, salt is depicted as a powerful tool to ward off unwanted spirits. In comparison to the practice of creating good Feng Shui, salt cleansing is considered by some to be even more potent. Its purifying properties are valued for their ability to neutralise negative energy and promote a harmonious atmosphere in the home.

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Salt is also one of the easiest tools for cleansing your home given that we all already have it in our kitchen pantries, Tammy Mastroberte, spiritualist and bestselling author of The Universe is Talking to You, says. As a mineral, it is thought to ‘absorb negative or unwanted energy when placed with intention around the home.’ It is, therefore, ‘important to periodically cleanse the energies,’ she says.

How to cleanse your home using salt?

Barbara Moore, author of "Modern Guide to Energy Clearing," proposes a straightforward method for utilising salt to maintain positive energy in your home. According to Moore, placing a bowl of salt in each room can help balance and stabilise the energy throughout your living space.

Before employing salt for energy cleansing purposes, Moore advises a few preparatory steps to maximise its effectiveness. Start by placing the salt on a table, bookshelf, windowsill, or an altar if you have one. Take a moment to reflect on your intentions for the salt and how you intend it to work towards achieving your desired outcomes. This mindful approach sets the stage for the salt to effectively neutralise negative energy and promote a more harmonious environment in your home. "I invite the spirit of the salt to work with me to protect my home (or whatever my intention is) and leave it overnight," Moore says. By the next morning, she says that the salt's energy ought to be ready, and you can use it as you wish.


Regularly replace or refresh the salt to maintain its effectiveness. Some practitioners believe that when salt clumps or changes color, it has absorbed negative energy and should be discarded and replaced. Even if you don't experience a colour change, just clean it and place a fresh batch for every room.

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The power of salt cleansing

Next time you sense negative energy in your home or want to create a more positive atmosphere, reach for your salt shaker. Salt isn't just for seasoning meals – it's a versatile tool for neutralising a space and promoting harmony. Whether you're travelling and want to safeguard yourself and your belongings (just keep it in a small pouch with you), or preparing for a tense meeting or conversation, salt's soothing properties can come in handy.


Keeping a bowl of salt in each room or carrying a small amount with you can help maintain a sense of calm and balance. Its protective energy has been recognised across cultures for centuries, making it a trusted ally in spiritual practices and everyday life. Plus, having salt readily available ensures you'll never have a bland meal – it's truly a multi-purpose ingredient for both your home and your well-being.

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