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How To Become An Author In India & Get Your Book Published

Are you a 'closet' writer and have always wanted to publish your book but are unaware of the process of becoming an author, or intimidated by what seems to be a long drawn-out process? 


Here is the step-by-step process of becoming an author: 

1. Find your niche 

Amish Tripathi writes on Hindu mythology. Agatha Christie is known for writing murder mystery and crime. Ruskin Bond is popularly known for writing books for children. 

All these writers have a niche or specific genre that they write on. Similarly you too need to find your niche. 

If you have set out on becoming an author, you would most probably know what you want to write about so it won't be difficult to find your niche. 

2. Polish your writing skills 


While your decision to write professionally and become an author would be based off of the fact that you write well - but it is necessary to be aware of your writing skills, and take courses to improve. 

You can join writing workshops, take courses or participate in online forums to learn from fellow writers and receive constructive feedback. 

 3. Discipline and following a writing routine 

If you desire to become a writer, it is necessary to write everyday and be disciplined about the process. 


Fix specific time slots in the day for distraction-free writing. 

4. Edit your work and ask family & friends for feedback 

Once you are done with the first draft of your book, go back to the start and edit your work. 

This time, look specifically for grammar inaccuracies, pace of the story and character placement. 

5. Research publishers 

Compile a list of publishers or literary agents who accept submissions in your chosen genre. Check their websites for submission guidelines and ensure your manuscript complies with their requirements. For example, if a publisher specifies the required font and line spacing, format your manuscript accordingly. 

Submit your manuscript to the chosen publisher along with a synopsis and author bio. After submission, it may take weeks or months to get a response.  

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