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Lazarus: Cowboy Bebop Director's New Anime To Reveal First Look At San Diego Comic Con

Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe’s new anime, Lazarus, is all set to reveal its first look at this year’s Adult Swim San Diego Comic Con.

According a now deleted post that was put out on Adult Swim’s official twitter account, San Diego Comic Con will unveil the first look for the Lazarus anime on July 26, 2024, as part of their Night of New Screening section.

The new information related to Lazarus is coming a year after Adult Swim streamed a teaser for the anime at last year’s San Diego Comic Con

Check out the leaked schedule below.

The futuristic anime is being animated by Studio MAPPA, and being produced Sola Entertainment. Watanabe is not the only legendary name to be associated with the anime, as John Wick director Chad Stahelski is in charge of the action choreography for the anime.

Lazarus will also feature a score by jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington along with DJs/musicians Floating Points and Bonobo.

The anime will officially stream on Toonami’s Adult Swim block. Check out the teaser for the anime below:

A release date for Lazarus has not been revealed yet. However, the staff members had said at the San Diego Comic Con 2023 that the work on the anime will be done by 2024.

The current status related to anime’s completion is unknown.

Check out the official synopsis of the anime below:

The year is 2052—an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity prevails across the globe. The reason for this: mankind has been freed from sickness and pain. Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Dr. Skinner has developed a miracle cure-all drug with no apparent drawbacks called Hapuna. Hapuna soon becomes ubiquitous… and essential. However, soon after Hapuna is officially introduced, Dr. Skinner vanishes.

Three years later, the world has moved on. But Dr. Skinner has returned—this time, as a harbinger of doom. Skinner announces that Hapuna has a short half-life. Everyone who has taken it will die approximately three years later. Death is coming for this sinful world—and coming soon.

As a response to this threat, a special task force of 5 agents is gathered from across the world to save humanity from Skinner’s plan. This group is called “Lazarus.” Can they find Skinner and develop a vaccine before time runs out?