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Shuiesha's New Shojo/Josei Manga Site Reports Possible Leak Of Email, Credit Card & Other Information

Shueisha has reported a potential leak of users’ email addresses and other personal information from their recently launched portal site RimaComi+.

The site, which opened on June 25, caters to fans of shojo and josei manga, offering content from popular magazines such as Ribon, Margaret and Bessatsu Margaret.

The leak occurred between June 25, 2024, and July 4, 2024.

Shueisha issued an official apology on July 9, 2024, detailing the incident and outlining steps to address the issue.

According to the statement, a system design error led to an ID identification issue on the RimaComi+ website. This allowed third parties to potentially log into some users’ accounts, thereby exposing email addresses and other personal details.

The leak reportedly impacted 157 accounts, with five even exposing credit card holder names.

The compromised information extends beyond email addresses. Usernames, profile icons, browsing history, and financial details like the last four digits of credit cards and expiration dates might have been viewed.

Shueisha emphasized that no unauthorized credit card use has been detected.

However, a vulnerability allowed unauthorized use of paid in-app coins, which the company has since rectified by issuing full refunds to affected users.

Shueisha claimed to have contacted all potentially impacted users via email with apologies and details about the incident.

Moreover, the publisher also revealed that they are taking steps to prevent similar occurrences. This includes raising staff awareness regarding information security and implementing stricter data management protocols.

Source: Oricon