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World Kebab Day! Give the non veg kebabs a break and try these vegetarian variants

A world renowned Middle Eastern dish , Kebab is basically a roasted meat dish. While there are many variants of kebabs across the globe, the rarest is a vegetarian kebabs. Of course, vegetarian kebabs question the legitimacy and the authenticity of the dish. However, one can absolutely relish vegetarian kebabs as long as they have lip smacking taste. As we celebrate World Kebab Day tomorrow, July 12, we thought of bringing to you some exciting vegetarian kebabs that you must try if you are in the city.

Broccoli kebabs?
Dive into a vegetarian twist on kebabs with Bayroute's Sebze Kebabi. Succulent florets of broccoli, marinated in fragrant Syrian spices, are fire-roasted alongside tender baby potatoes and creamy cottage cheese. This vibrant dish is finished with a dollop of cool Zaytun labneh, offering a delightful textural and flavour contrast.
Where: Bayroute

Cottage cheese kebab

Originating from the vibrant culinary traditions of the Mediterranean, the Cottage Cheese Kebab is a masterful blend of flavors and textures. This dish captures the essence of Mediterranean cuisine , celebrated for its fresh, wholesome ingredients and aromatic spices.
Where: QEY

Hara bhara Edmame kebab
Edamame hara bhara kabab is a unique vegetarian take on a classic dish. It features edamame, a protein-rich soybean, alongside fragrant spices and spinach or peas. This fusion creates a flavorful and colorful kabab with a delightful textural contrast from the whole edamame.
Where: Cray Craft

Beetroot kebab

Labgeer Kebab is a combination of the sweetness of fresh beetroot, the spiciness of green chilies, the freshness of mint, the crunch of cashews, the creaminess of cheese, the warmth of cardamom, and the richness of butter. This innovative kebab is full of flavours .
Where: Kebab and Kurries ITC Grand Central

Adana kebab
Veg Adana Kebab is a Turkish spiced flavoured vegetables and Soya kebab served with Yoghurt Dip. It has a savoury blend of spiced flavored vegetables. It serves as the perfect appetizer or a main course.

Where: Opa! Bar & Cafe

Corn Jalapeno kebab and Dahi Kebab
For vegetarian lovers the Corn Jalapeño Ricotta Kebab is a must-try. It combines sweet corn, spicy jalapeños, and creamy ricotta. Another favourite is the Dahi ka Kebab with Red Radish Pachadi, which pairs yoghurt-based kebabs with a tangy radish condiment.
Where: Butterfly High