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BLACKPINK reveals the trailer and release date for their 'BORN PINK' world tour concert movie

The main trailer for the concert movie ' BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR IN CINEMAS,' which captures the essence of BLACKPINK's ' BORN PINK ' world tour, has been released, along with the announcement of the opening date for domestic ticket sales.

Celebrating their 8th anniversary, BLACKPINK concluded their world tour at Seoul's Gocheok Sky Dome, and this concert film promises to deliver the electrifying performances and atmosphere of the event. The newly released main trailer vividly showcases the energy and excitement of the tour, drawing the audience in with its immersive visuals.

The trailer features highlights from the legendary world tour, which attracted 1.8 million fans globally. The powerful intro sound, accompanied by the phrase "Are you ready?" instantly transports viewers back to the unforgettable performances. The stage set, designed to reflect traditional Korean aesthetics with hanok tiles, adds a unique charm, further emphasizing BLACKPINK's distinctive style.

In a heartfelt message, BLACKPINK thanks their fans, saying, "We couldn't have done it without BLINK," expressing their deep appreciation for the support that made their success possible. The trailer also shows fans waving lightsticks and enjoying the concert, showcasing the unity between the artists and their audience, a hallmark of BLACKPINK's world tour.

This event allows fans to bring their lightsticks and relive the concert's excitement in a more interactive and immersive way. Detailed information about ticket sales and events can be found on the CGV website and social media channels.

The concert movie will premiere on July 31 in ScreenX, 4DX, and ULTRA 4DX formats at CGV theaters and in over 110 countries worldwide.