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Crunchyroll set to unleash anime magic at Bengaluru Comic Con 2023!

Embark on an anime adventure at Bengaluru Comic Con, where Crunchyroll's booth is stealing the spotlight and inviting fans to join the excitement. As one of the first booths to captivate attendees, Crunchyroll is turning the event into an anime haven. Anime enthusiasts can test their knowledge at Crunchyroll's booth with engaging quizzes, earning a chance to snag fantastic goodie bags. These bags are filled with exclusive merchandise, including posters, coveted Anya masks, One Piece paper crowns, and sticker sheets celebrating the beloved One Piece series. For those whose trivia skills might be a bit rusty, there's still a chance to walk away with Anya masks and One Piece paper crowns. Just step into the SPY x FAMILY living room photo experience and channel your inner Forger for a memorable snapshot.
But the excitement doesn't stop there. Crunchyroll is generously offering discounted memberships to all event attendees, ensuring that the anime adventure extends well beyond Comic Con. Crunchyroll's commitment to the Indian anime community extends beyond the booth. The company proudly announced its partnership with Comic Con India on October 27, securing its position as the 'Powered By' partner for Bengaluru Comic Con and upcoming events in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. This collaboration ensures that anime enthusiasts across India can experience the magic of Crunchyroll at multiple Comic Con events. As Bengaluru gears up for the 2023 edition of Comic Con, anticipation is high. The three-day event in Whitefield promises an immersive experience with the participation of 16 Indian and three international artists. Notable international guests include Dan Parent, the creative mind behind 'Archie Comics,' and Zach Stafford, the brilliant creator of 'Extra Fabulous Comics.' Pro-cosplayer Brittani Ginoza will also grace the expo, marking a special first appearance at Comic Con India. Among the Indian talents, Abhijeet Kini of 'Butterfingers' fame, Rahil Mohsin, the creator of 'Hallubol,' and Prasad Bhat, renowned for ' Graphicurry,' will showcase their artistic prowess. The event will also feature Indian publishing houses like Indusverse, Holy Cow Entertainment, and Bullseye Press, along with webcomics such as Happy Fluff, Bakarmax, Garbage Bin, and Corporat Comics.
The anime celebration is further elevated with Crunchyroll's recent addition of a Hindi dub for the first season of the television anime based on Tatsuya Endō's SPY×FAMILY manga. This addition, made on November 7, adds an extra layer of joy for fans of this captivating series. Meanwhile, the second season, which premiered on October 7, continues to enthrall audiences with its gripping narrative. So, whether you're a seasoned anime expert or just diving into the captivating world of manga, Bengaluru Comic Con, powered by Crunchyroll, promises an unforgettable celebration of creativity, storytelling, and the boundless magic of anime. Get ready to be immersed in a world where every corner reveals a new adventure!