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Dreamcatcher have released their music video teaser for 'JUSTICE'

Dreamcatcher , the powerhouse girl group renowned for their fierce concepts, has dropped a tantalizing MV teaser for their latest release, " JUSTICE ." This track is set to headline their upcoming 10th mini album titled ' VirtuouS ', slated for release on July 10 KST.

In the teaser, Dreamcatcher beckons viewers to embrace a fighting spirit, teasing fans with glimpses of their signature powerful style. Known for seamlessly blending rock influences with pop sensibilities, Dreamcatcher's "JUSTICE" promises to deliver another dose of their unique musical fusion.

'VirtuouS' marks a significant milestone for the group, showcasing their evolution and continued commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Fans can expect intense choreography, intricate visuals, and a captivating narrative that Dreamcatcher excels in delivering.

As anticipation mounts ahead of the album's release, Dreamcatcher's MV teaser has ignited excitement within their dedicated fanbase. With "JUSTICE," the group is poised to captivate listeners once again with their bold sound and compelling storytelling.

Stay tuned as Dreamcatcher prepares to unleash 'VirtuouS' on July 10 KST, promising a thrilling musical journey that fans won't want to miss.

Originally debuting as MINX in 2014 under Happyface Entertainment (now Dreamcatcher Company), the group rebranded in 2017 with two new members, Handong and Gahyeon, and adopted a darker, non-mainstream concept that sets them apart in the K-pop scene. Comprising seven members — JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon — Dreamcatcher quickly gained recognition for their rock-inspired sound, earning them the title of "The Face of Rock in K-pop."

Their journey from MINX to Dreamcatcher has been marked by international acclaim, with their music resonating strongly overseas despite more modest domestic popularity. Known for their distinct sound blending rock and metal elements, Dreamcatcher has built a reputation for electrifying live performances and frequent international tours.

From their debut single album "Nightmare" in 2017 to their latest release "VirtuouS," Dreamcatcher continues to evolve creatively while staying true to their unique musical identity. Their journey includes notable performances at global festivals and a dedicated fan following that spans continents, showcasing their growing influence in the global music scene.