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Exclusive- Navneet Malik on playing Sumedh in Aankh Micholi: An actor should do TV at least once in their career

The new undercover cop saga, Aankh Micholi , starring Khushi Dubey and Navneet Malik, promises to keep audiences hooked on their television screens with this gripping tale. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV , Navneet Malik opens up about his experience on entering a TV after doing web and films, his take on Aankh Micholi and more.

Initially, I wasn't inclined towards TV

Sumedh and Mohsinu are completely opposite

This is very interesting for me in terms of playing the character . When you talk about Freelancer, it is completely different from Sumedh. Mohsinu was an action-packed, rough character while here Sumedh is family-oriented, loves his mother and all. It was a challenge for me to play Sumedh as people loved what I did in my previous projects.

It is mind-blowing to receive such a positive response

Often actors get fixed into certain kinds of characters and even viewers keep seeing them in the same shade. So for me, Aankh Micholi changed my onscreen image and I got a chance to showcase my versatility. Mohsinu is completely negative while Sumedh is a positive character. I didn't know how the audience would have reacted to the change but after the show went on-air and the positive response that I received, it felt mind-blowing.

It does get difficult for me to prepare

When I chose this project, I really wanted to explore myself and stretch my boundaries. I wanted to be on the set daily and keep doing something new. Here, it does get difficult for me as I take time to prepare for the character and also read the script, while on TV the script comes for each scene and there is no time for preparation. As an actor , I am really exploring myself and have witnessed the difference between the working of different mediums.

An actor should do TV

I suggest an actor should do TV at least once in their career . Once you have done TV, then you won't find it challenging while shooting for films or web shows. The process gets easier in terms of adding impromptu lines or reacting to the script. I haven't felt the monotony yet, for now, I am enjoying the Shah Rukh Khan phase with the show. It is a treat for me and the audience as well. The way the show is written and shot is completely different. It isn't like any other daily soap. Right now, I am truly enjoying it.