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'Mangal Lakshmi': Deepika Singh shares insights on using her cooking skills to prepare 'Chhappan bhog' for a scene

Striking a chord with homemakers , ‘ Mangal Lakshmi ’ has become the topic of discussion in Indian households with its story of two sisters striving to secure respect for each other in their relationships . In the upcoming storyline, Mangal (played by Deepika Singh ) will be seen cooking chhappan bhog (56 offerings) for her husband Adit (played by Naman Shaw) to cheer him up.
While preparing 56 dishes, Deepika Singh talks about the significant role her kitchen expertise has played. Drawing upon her personal experiences , Deepika used her own culinary knowledge into her portrayal, by blending her knowledge with her character's journey. Deepika opens up on how she pays close attention to little things, like using her own rolling pin from the kitchen, to make Mangal's story look more relatable. Additionally, she also shared how she improvised the scene by giving helpful cooking tips during the shoot.

Talking about her preparation for the scene of cooking ‘chhapan bhog,’ Deepika Singh says, “I enjoy portraying the nuances of a homemaker's life, through Mangal’s character particularly through her passion for cooking. In one scene, viewers will see Mangal undertaking the task of preparing Chappan Bhog (56 dishes) for her husband, highlighting the dedication and love that homemakers pour into their daily routines. Mangal cooks many dishes to express her love, aiming to reconcile with her husband. My goal was to showcase the efforts of homemakers, who tirelessly nurture their families and relationships. I love cooking in my personal life too! Using my own cooking skills was incredibly helpful while preparing for this scene. Additionally, I also offered several cooking-related suggestions during filming to ensure that the scene looks real and relatable.”

In the upcoming episodes of ‘Mangal Lakshmi ,’ tensions rise as Adit's confession of an affair leads to unexpected twists and blame games. As Mangal struggles to salvage her relationship, Lakshmi finds herself in a dangerous situation. Will they emerge unscathed, or will their lives be forever changed? With Mangal's heartfelt preparation of 'Chappan Bhog' for Adit, the anticipation peaks: Will he praise her for Mangal’s efforts or start another argument?