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Vir Das on International Emmy Award win: From Noida to the International Emmys - India gets you there

Comedian Vir Das made India proud as he won the prestigious International Emmy Award for Comedy for his standup special 'Vir Das: Landing'. The star, who won in the Comedy category, shared the title with the British comedy series 'Derry Girls Season 3'. Talking about winning at the International Emmy Awards, Vir expressed his excitement and joy and said, "This moment is truly surreal - an incredible honour that feels like a dream.
Winning an Emmy for 'Vir Das: Landing' in the 'Comedy Category' is not just a milestone for me but for Indian comedy as a whole." He went on to add, "It's heartening to see 'Vir Das: Landing' resonate globally, thanks to Netflix, Akash Sharma and Reg Tigerman who made it special. My journey from crafting local stories to receiving a global accolade has been both challenging and rewarding, and Netflix has been instrumental in that growth. I'm excited about the continued exploration of diverse narratives, from Noida to the International Emmys - India gets you there." 'Vir Das: Landing' marks his fourth comedy special that presents a show about what it means to be truly global while looking for home.
To carry your country across the world with you, whatever that country is, and to find your feet. A show about growing up in India, seeing the globe, love troubles, colossal failures, social media madness, the perils of outrage, unplanned drugs, war-zone boarding schools, metaphorical mathematical equations, the current state of comedy, getting nominated, getting intoxicated, and ultimately just getting situated. 'Vir Das: Landing', was competing with Le Flambeau from France, El Encargado from Argentina, and Derry Girls Season 3 from the UK.
Earlier, Vir's third standup special 'Vir Das: For India' received a 2021 International Emmy Nomination for "Best Comedy." The International Emmy Awards ceremony is being held in New York City. This year's nominations featured a various group of 56 candidates from 20 countries across 14 categories.