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Deepshikha Deshmukh – Film Producer on Women's Day

Deepshikha Deshmukh, Producer, Pooja Entertainment & Founder Love Organically, is a leading producer in the film Industry and has always been vocal about women supporting women and encouraging them. On the occasion of International Women’s day and the role of cinema, Deepshikha shared, “Cinema is a reflection of society. Women in today’s day and age are taking up leadership roles, holding on to their own, at home and at work and this is what is portrayed in cinema these days. Women in real life are go-getters, multi-taskers, ambitious yet empathetic. Women in all professional roles have broken glass ceiling and stereotypes and creating history for all. Female story tellers and show runners are playing an important role, as they are focusing on creating meatier role for the female characters and making movies with a massive budget being frontline by A-list actresses. As a woman myself, I think it’s important to treat women as equal and give them the same platform and opportunity so that we get a fair chance at whatever we do !!

I am a mother of two beautiful children myself and I started my journey as a Producer after the birth of my children. I think what most important is that women need more opportunities and encouragement from their families to be able to realise their dream. There is no age for living your dreams and a woman can start or change paths whenever she deems fit.”

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