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Renowned Indian singer, songwriter, and composer Aabha Hanjura has been enchanting audiences with her soul-stirring melodies, spanning Kashmiri, Hindi, and beyond. Leading the forefront with her pop band Sufistication since 2012, she's a pioneering indie artist celebrated for her seamless fusion of Kashmiri folk, Sufi influences, and pop nuances in her enchanting compositions.



In an exclusive chat with Gaana during the Gaana Folk Fest, Aabha revealed her top favorite tunes that have captured her heart lately. Her first choice was 'Nahi Milta' by Bayan, followed by the soulful 'Ishq Mitaye' from Chamkila, a track that resonates with music lovers far and wide. To discover all of Aabha's other cherished songs, check out the video here:

About Aabha Hanjura

At just seventeen, Hanjura auditioned for Indian Idol Season 2 but opted out due to concerns about women's safety in the music industry at the time. Instead, she focused on her education. In 2012, she founded the pop band Sufistication, cleverly blending "Sufi" and "sophistication." Drawing inspiration from her childhood in Kashmir, she took a bold leap, leaving her corporate job in 2013 to pursue music wholeheartedly.

In June 2017, Hanjura made waves with her single "Hukus Bukus," a brilliant amalgamation of Kashmiri lullabies, poems, and rhymes set to a captivating composition merging Western and Kashmiri musical elements. The song quickly gained momentum, becoming a viral sensation and earning widespread acclaim. Featured in Ashvin Kumar's 2019 film and prominently showcased in the Indian series "The Family Man," it even found its way into a video by politician Rahul Gandhi during his Bharat Jodo Yatra in 2023.