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Actor Abhay Deol and the mesmerizing EDM talent PIA have teamed up to create a music video masterpiece, "Follow the Toad," under the visionary direction of Joe Sill. Known for diving into unconventional projects, Deol brings his A-game to this epic visual story, drawing viewers into a battle of good versus evil set against the backdrop of an otherworldly landscape.



A Visual Feast in a Day

Imagine capturing the essence of adventure, fantasy, and interstellar worlds in just 24 hours. That's precisely what the team behind "Follow the Toad" accomplished, using the latest in virtual production technology to create scenes that rival the epic scales of Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, and Dune. Abhay Deol shares his exhilaration over working in a digitally-rendered universe that allowed him to interact with his surroundings more genuinely, thanks to the magic of Unreal Engine technology.

PIA's Dreamy Debut

For PIA, shining like a celestial queen in the video, "Follow the Toad" is a debut of dreams. It represents a melding of music, narrative, and visual artistry, all the while showcasing a seamless East meets West collaboration with Deol. She recounts the process as a magical convergence of storytelling, music, and visual innovation.

Joe Sill: The Maestro Behind the Scenes

Joe Sill, whose directorial prowess has graced projects for giants like Apple and Disney, took the reins to bring "Follow the Toad" to life. Using an impressive LED wall, Sill and his team at Impossible Objects conjured up the mesmerizing landscapes that set the stage for PIA's haunting melodies and Deol's captivating performance. Sill's goal was to encapsulate the song's ethereal and colossal vibe, achieving a cinematic grandeur that transports the audience to places beyond their imagination, all from the confines of a soundstage.

"Follow the Toad" isn't just a music video; it's a bold exploration of narrative and visual boundaries, blending technology, talent, and creative vision to forge something truly groundbreaking. It's a testament to the power of collaboration across continents and disciplines, proving that when it comes to art, there are no limits, only possibilities.