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GENUS ORDINIS DEI Unleashes Epic Metal Madness with 'For A New God'

Prepare for a metal maelstrom as GENUS ORDINIS DEI, the ground-breaking symphonic death metal maestros from Milan, Italy, drop their latest music video and single, "For A New God." This track is the third episode from their upcoming concept album, The Beginning, set to rock your world on December 8, 2023, via Eclipse Records.


Directed by GENUS ORDINIS DEI and filmed by Steve Saints, "For A New God" serves as a visual and auditory spectacle, possibly the greatest expression of tragedy in rock music. The verses and choruses are a sonic addiction, taking you through the dark corridors of the soul where candles burn black. The video captures a gripping scene featuring a blood-spattered Brother carrying his dying Sister, exploring themes of sacrifice and gaining forbidden knowledge.

Guitarist and producer Tommy Monticelli spills the details, saying, "For this epic fight scene between The Brother and the Strongest Cannibal, we decided to film at Po’s Beach and Gombito’s Beach in Italy. The tremendous scene with the boulder is certainly the highest moment of the episode's climax."

"The Beginning" is more than an album; it's a symphonic death metal masterpiece that redefines the way we experience music. The twelve-track album is accompanied by a series of representative videos called "Episodes," delivering a sensory overload. The videos, like "For A New God," tease with clever foreshadowing and vividly capture the brutal essence of society's primal tendencies, presenting an unforgettable cinematic metal experience.

GENUS ORDINIS DEI isn't just creating music; they're crafting an immersive journey. "The Beginning" is not merely an album; it's an awakening, a red dawn heralding a new era in symphonic death metal. Get ready to be swept away into the chaos of "For A New God" and experience metal like never before.