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Hashbass Drops Unexpected Collab 'Ranjha' Featuring Vocalist Divyam Sodhi

Bassist-producer Hashbass, renowned for his diverse musical palette, surprises fans with an unexpected collaboration titled 'Ranjha.' Teaming up with up-and-coming ghazal singer Divyam Sodhi, Hashbass delivers a soul-stirring composition that marks his first release of 2024 on Misfits Inc.


Released on January 12, 'Ranjha' showcases Hashbass's exploration of a soulful and emotional space, blending his eclectic taste in music, from Yellowjackets to J Dilla and Indian Carnatic music. The track, born out of a phone recording by Divyam at his home in Karnal, brings forth a tender rawness and a modern-day take on the ascetic life of Ranjha after losing Heer.

The short-and-sweet track seamlessly combines contemporary and traditional elements, allowing Divyam's vocals and words to shine. The collaboration, introduced by Hashbass's wife Eesha, is just the beginning, with more exciting projects in the pipeline. 'Ranjha' stands as a unique and memorable addition to Hashbass's diverse discography.