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Saisha Hayes: Bihar's Musical Prodigy Takes the UK by Storm, Sets Records on BBC Radio!

Get ready to groove, 'cause Saisha Hayes from Bihar is turning heads and breaking records at just 22! She's not just a musical prodigy; she's the youngest artist from Bihar to rock the airwaves on BBC radio.

Saisha kicked off her musical journey at 10, writing her first tune. By 19, she dropped her debut album, 'Infinity is an illusion,' showing off her early musical genius.

Now, this Bihari sensation has skyrocketed to fame as the youngest Indian artist on BBC radio, all thanks to her hit track 'One Way Ticket.'


Who's Saisha Hayes? Born on New Year's Day in 2001, Saisha is not just a music whiz; she's also a brainiac with a political science degree from King's College, London. Her mom works with UNICEF in London, and her dad is a UK government hotshot.

In addition to hitting the BBC Music Fusion top 10, Saisha's second album, 'Prozac’s Poster Child,' with 11 killer tracks, is turning heads. From dating and mental health to social media woes, she's singing about it all.

But hold up, the fun doesn't stop there! Saisha dreams of teaming up with Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari. She spilled the beans in an interview, confessing her love for his tunes and her big dream to make music magic together.

Saisha Hayes isn't just dropping beats; she's breaking barriers and setting the music scene on fire. Get ready to ride the Saisha wave—it's a musical rollercoaster you don't want to miss!