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Sunny Leone Sets 'Third Party' Ablaze with Debut Rap Collaboration!

Hold onto your seats, folks! Sunny Leone just turned up the heat in Abhishek Singh's debut single, 'Third Party.' This track, where Abhishek wears multiple hats as the singer, composer, and lyricist, is taking the charts by storm. And guess who's sharing the spotlight? None other than the sensational Baby Doll herself!

Vaishali Sardana adds her melodious touch as the female vocalist, making 'Third Party' a musical feast. Abhishek Singh spilled the rap beans on social media, declaring, "Meri party mein koi third party nahi." Talk about setting the stage on fire!


In a scintillating video that's got everyone talking, Sunny Leone injects glamour and life into the beats. Abhishek Singh, an IAS officer from Uttar Pradesh, is proving he's not just about bureaucracy; he's got the rhythm too!

Sharing his excitement on the song's rap day, Singh expressed gratitude to his hometown, Jaunpur, and joyously announced the completion of his debut rap video. The post reads, "What an auspicious day! We just wrapped up the video shoot of my debut rap song, which I have sung myself."

For those not in the know, Abhishek Singh previously made waves with his appearance in Badshah's 'Slow Slow.' Describing the experience, he shared, "Collaborating with Badshah is truly an honor. We are absolutely confident that the foot-tapping song and its tasteful video will be loved by music lovers all over the world."

Meanwhile, Sunny Leone is conquering the cinema scene with a slew of projects. From making her Malayalam acting debut in 'Rangeela' to lighting up the screens in Tamil with 'Veeramadevi' and 'Shero,' the diva is unstoppable. In Bollywood, she's in the midst of filming 'Koka Kola,' 'Helen,' and 'The Battle of Bhima Koregaon,' promising a cinematic feast for her fans.

So, get ready to groove to the beats of 'Third Party,' where Sunny Leone and Abhishek Singh are a powerhouse duo that's sure to leave you wanting more!