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Exploring the Enchantingly Rich Culture and Heritage of Manipur

The state of Manipur, nestled amidst Nagaland, Mizoram, and Assam, is a tapestry of diverse cultures and traditions. Its vibrant heritage is a blend of the hill tribes and the Meiteis from the plains, offering a captivating experience for those seeking an authentic cultural journey.

Here's a curated selection of Manipur's finest heritage sites and cultural treasures to help plan an unforgettable trip:



1. Ras Leela:

  • Location: Across Manipur
  • Experience the mesmerizing Manipuri Raas Leela, a classical dance form rooted in Vaishnavism. This dance-cum-play, passed down through generations, showcases elaborate costumes, traditional music, and captivating performances.

2. Sagol Kangjei (Manipur Polo):

  • Location: Imphal Polo Ground
  • Discover the origins of modern polo at the Imphal Polo Ground, the world's oldest working polo ground. Experience Sagol Kangjei, the traditional Manipuri version of polo played barefoot on indigenous Manipuri ponies.

3. Ima Keithel (Mothers' Market):

  • Location: Imphal
  • Step into the vibrant Ima Keithel, a market entirely run by women since the 16th century. Explore stalls filled with traditional handicrafts, handlooms, local delicacies, and daily essentials. Witness the empowering spirit of Manipuri women.

4. Dailong Village:

  • Location: Tamenglong District
  • Immerse yourself in the biodiversity-rich Dailong village, home to the Rongmei tribes. Explore the sacred groves and lush forests, protected by the indigenous communities. Learn about the Indian wild orange, a rare species found here.



5. Kangla Fort:

  • Location: Imphal
  • Visit the historic Kangla Fort, once the seat of Meitei rulers dating back to the 16th century. Explore the ruins and moat of this ancient fortress, steeped in mythology and royal heritage.

6. Imphal War Cemetery:

  • Location: Imphal
  • Pay homage to the 1,600 Commonwealth soldiers laid to rest at the Imphal War Cemetery, a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made during World War II. Managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, it welcomes visitors to honor the fallen heroes.

7. Red Hill (Maibam Lokpaching):

  • Location: Bishnupur District
  • Reflect on history at Red Hill, the site of a fierce battle between British and Japanese soldiers during World War II. Visit the India Peace Memorial, erected by Japanese war veterans, and view the cannons used in the conflict.



8. Andro 'Doll' Village:

  • Location: Andro Village
  • Delve into Manipuri art and culture at Andro, known for its tribal heritage and craftsmanship. Explore the Mutua Museum's cultural complex, featuring traditional huts and a fascinating collection of 29 types of traditional dolls representing Manipuri tribes. Discover the village's pottery-making traditions, crafted exclusively by married women.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Manipur's culture and heritage, where each site and tradition tells a story of resilience, artistry, and timeless traditions. This curated itinerary offers a glimpse into the soul of Manipur, inviting you to discover its hidden gems and cultural marvels.