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Trail Tales: Basics of Hut-to-Hut Hiking

Swap camping hassles for cozy mountain huts. No need to lug a massive bag across miles – just a small backpack as you journey between huts each night. Embrace the simplicity and freedom of hiking without the camping gear.


About the Huts: Alpine Charm and Comfort

Europe's huts, be it a refuge, rifugio, cabane, or hutte, offer rustic allure and essential amenities. Shared bunks, communal dining, and breathtaking views come standard. These seasonal gems serve up local cuisine and culture in a charming alpine setting.

Perks Galore: The Allure of Hut-to-Hut Hiking

Travel light, experience the best of camping without the setup hassle. Delve into local culture and cuisine, waking up to breakfast before conquering the trail. Ideal for those who crave adventure with a side of comfort.

Top Trails to Tread: Euro Hiking Hotspots

Embark on renowned hut-to-hut trails like the Alta Via 1 in Italy, GR20 in Corsica, Eagle Walk in Austria, and New Zealand's Routeburn Track. Explore the beauty of the Slovenian Mountain Trail, winding through the Julian Alps and Karawanks. Conquer Tour du Mont Blanc for a breathtaking journey through Italy, France, and Switzerland.


Prep Tips for a Euro Hike Adventure

Before lacing up those hiking boots, plan meticulously. Consider terrain, distances, and hut amenities. Pack wisely with durable gear, be weather-ready, and respect nature with Leave No Trace principles. Understand cultural nuances, language differences, and secure necessary permits. Ensure peak physical fitness for a safe and unforgettable European alpine escapade.

Embark on a hut-to-hut trekking adventure and let Europe's mountains be your guide.