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Iconic Japanese Manga Series 'Tiger Mask' Set For A Thrilling Live-Action Film

From the adrenaline-packed rings of manga to the global silver screen, "Tiger Mask" leaps into a live-action spectacle courtesy of a groundbreaking collaboration between Italian powerhouse Fabula Pictures, Brandon Box, and Japan's Kodansha.

The iconic manga traces the journey of Naoto Date, a relentless Japanese wrestler who conquers the U.S.
wrestling scene only to return home, donning the mask of 'Tiger Mask' to combat nefarious adversaries. With its roots in the 1969 release, this tale of courage has etched itself as a revered icon in both Japan and Italy, hailed as a timeless hero.

Yohei Takami, Kodansha's head of media business rights, shares the fervor, stating, “Tiger Mask’ is a long-beloved figure both in Japan and Italy, where he’s been [considered] a strong, cool and timeless hero since the series’ first release in 1969.”

This visionary alliance between Fabula Pictures, Brandon Box, and Kodansha promises a fresh chapter in 'Tiger Mask's' legacy, crafting an international rendition to captivate audiences worldwide. For Fabula Pictures, recognized for Netflix originals like "Baby" and the riveting biopic "Il Divin Codino," this venture marks their maiden voyage into the manga universe.

Marco and Nicola De Angelis of Fabula Pictures express their enthusiasm, affirming, "This partnership with Brandon Box and Kodansha represents an important step in our company’s strategic positioning within the [global] audiovisual production scene."

Brandon Box, renowned for their 2022 adaptation of Italy’s cult comic franchise “Dampyr,” spearheads this adaptation, marrying the essence of 'Tiger Mask' with a contemporary narrative set across Italy and Japan. Andrea Sgaravatti, CEO of Brandon Box, champions the upcoming film's global appeal, emphasizing the emergence of a new protagonist veiled in the tiger's mask.

The details surrounding the director and cast remain veiled in secrecy, adding an air of anticipation to this thrilling transformation. Crafted by manga maestro Ikki Kajiwara and illustrated by Naoki Tsuji, the original “Tiger Mask” manga captured hearts between 1968 to 1971 and continues its legacy through Italy's Panini Comics.

With its legacy spanning decades and continents, "Tiger Mask" prepares to roar onto screens, promising an exhilarating fusion of heritage and modernity, uniting audiences under the banner of an enduring hero.