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Shinkalion: Change The World anime unveils April premiere with cast, staff and promo video

Prepare for an exhilarating anime experience as Shinkalion: Change The World gears up for its highly anticipated premiere in Japan this April. The revelation comes hand in hand with an impressive lineup of talents, a captivating main trailer, and a visually stunning main visual, offering fans a glimpse into the thrilling world of Shinkalion.



Helming this exciting venture is director Kenichirou Komaya, known for his work on Kizuna no Allele, while the series composition is expertly crafted by Eiji Umehara, co-series composer of Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-. The creative team also boasts the expertise of Daisuke Ishibashi as assistant series composer, with Shiori Asaka and Niina Morita taking charge as character designers. Adding to the visual spectacle is Akira Kirishiki, the mechanical designer, and Yuugo Kanno, who lends his musical prowess as the composer.

The stellar cast includes notable names such as Hiiro Ishibashi portraying Taisei Onari, Kenshou Ono as Akane Forden, Shinba Uchiya embodying Ryota Kuzuryu, Hana Tamegai as Vina, Kaede Hondo as Mai Oume, Chikahiro Kobayashi taking on the role of Kadomichi Takanawa, and Eri Kitamura as Ina Onari.

Shinkalion: Change The World is a thrilling addition to the anime franchise, following the success of Shinkalion the Animation (2018), Shinkansen the Movie (2019), and Shinkalion Z (2021). The first series and the movie were brought to life by OLM, while OLM Team Abe took the reins for Shinkalion Z.

Originating from the creative minds at the East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions (ShoPro), and Takara Tomy, the Shinkalion (Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion) project introduces a world where bullet trains transform into awe-inspiring mechas.

The project was officially announced in 2015, following the unveiling of a concept model of an E5 train mecha at Tokyo Toy Show 2014 by JR East. The Shinkalion toys are an integral part of Takara Tomy’s Pla Rail series, adding an interactive dimension to the captivating narrative.

As the countdown to April begins, Shinkalion: Change The World promises not only a visual feast but also an enthralling storyline that will captivate anime enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Get ready to witness a new era unfold as Shinkalion takes center stage to change the world in more ways than one.