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Wistoria: Wand and Sword anime scheduled for July 2024 release

Excitement is brewing as the highly anticipated television adaptation of Fujino Ōmori and Toshi Aoi's manga, Wistoria: Wand and Sword (Tsue to Tsurugi no Wistoria), is confirmed to hit screens in July 2024. The anime's official website went live on Thursday, treating fans to a captivating promotional video, stunning visuals, and a glimpse into the talented cast and crew behind the project.


At the helm of this animated adventure is Tatsuya Yoshihara, renowned for his role as the action director for Chainsaw Man. The anime is brought to life by Actas and Bandai Namco Pictures, with character design and chief animation direction masterfully handled by Sayaka Ono (known for CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon). The musical score, a crucial element of any anime, is in the capable hands of Yuki Hayashi (renowned for My Hero Academia) and will be produced by Lantis.

The creative team boasts additional talents:

Monster design: Raita Sunaga, Yoshirou Harada, Ryou Akizuki
Prop design: Ryou Akizuki
Color design: Naomi Nakano
Art director: Yuki Maeda
Art: Studio Easter
Director of photography: Ayako Otsuki
Photography: animocaramel
CG director: Morihito Abe
Editor: Masato Yoshitake
Sound director: Hiroto Morishita
Sound: Jinnan Studio

Mark your calendars for the anime's premiere on 28 TBS networks in July, promising viewers a visual and auditory feast.

Ōmori and Aoi originally introduced the manga in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine back in December 2020. The ninth compiled volume of the manga, published by Kodansha, hit the shelves on Thursday. Fans were treated to the conclusion of the "Terminalia Arc" and its first part in May 2023, followed by an epilogue chapter in June.

For English-speaking audiences, Kodansha USA Publishing has been delivering the manga, with the sixth volume hitting bookshelves on September 12.

Ōmori, known for creating the popular Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? light novel series under SB Creative's GA Bunko imprint in 2013, achieved grand success as the novel clinched the grand prize in the fourth GA Bunko Awards. This accomplishment led to the creation of four television anime seasons, with Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darō ka IV Shinshō Yakusai-hen (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV Late Arc: Disaster) debuting in January 2023. Excitingly, the anime has been confirmed for a fifth season.

In North America, Yen Press is the go-to source for both Fujino Ōmori and Suzuhito Yasuda's original novel series and the Sword Oratoria spinoff novels, along with their respective manga adaptations. As the anime landscape continues to evolve, Wistoria: Wand and Sword is poised to make a memorable mark on fans worldwide.